About Us

Why choose BGR Fitness?

We do things differently at BGR Fitness. We are genuinely interested in you and your fitness goals. So if you are looking to improve muscle tone, lose weight, increase muscle size and definition, increase energy levels, maximize your stamina and endurance or just gain a good level of fitness and feel happier and healthier, then BGR Fitness right for you!

Our Trainers


Ben is a personal trainer and nutritional advisor with BGR Fitness. He holds an ITEC accredited qualification as a Personal Trainer/Gym Instructor and also has a diploma in Nutrition.

Ben’s interest in physical fitness started at a very young age from taking part in Hurling, Football, Soccer, Swimming and Athletics.  These activities spawned his interest in physical fitness but also created a desire to understand how the human body works and the best ways of getting maximum performance.

Ben made the move into the fitness industry because he enjoys helping people and is passionate about helping them achieve their goals.

His approach is simple when it comes to working with a client. He assesses their current fitness levels and body composition and then tailors a workout and nutritional plan that works around their lifestyle. Unlike most nutrition and workout plans out there, Ben ensures the plan works for you and not you working for the plan. 

Ben believes a client’s success in reaching their goals is truly down to their hard work and dedication. Ben provides the tools and support they require to reach their goals.

Ben’s Moto:  When you’re about to quit, remember why you started!


Gary is a personal trainer and nutritional advisor with BGR Fitness. He holds an ITEC accredited qualification as a Personal Trainer/Gym Instructor and also has a diploma in Nutrition.

He has had an interest in exercise and keeping fit all his life. He actively participated in Football, Gaelic, Basketball and Swimming. He made his first move into coaching in the USA with the MLS Soccer camps and working with High School soccer teams.

Gary made the move into the fitness industry to not only improve people’s physique but to improve their general health and well-being.

Gary’s approach to helping people reach their goals is to do it by constantly assessing where they are and where they want to be. Once he determines what your goals are he then develops an exercise regime and nutritional plan that is sustainable and that will suit your needs and not the needs of the trainer. Constant reassessment of both program and nutrition is a vital aspect to ensure you meet and surpass your expectations.

Gary’s Moto:  Success isn’t given….. It’s earned!


Never been to a Boot Camp before? Never used a gym before? Nervous or unsure about what to do? Don’t Worry! Once you become a member of the BGR Fitness Movement we will fully induct you into our camps and classes. This means we will walk you through everything you need to know at your pace and explain the equipment, how to use them correctly, what they do, and how to maintain proper technique to ensure you get the most from your workout.

What is the BGR Fitness Movement?

One thing we have noticed over the years and from speaking with clients is that too many people have had bad experiences in bootcamps, classes and gyms.  A lot of people simply just don’t feel welcome whether it be due to bad attitude of staff, intimidating atmosphere or just not feeling welcome due to their fitness levels.  At BGR Fitness we don’t tolerate that and you shouldn’t either. BGR Fitness camps and classes are all inclusive and places are kept to a minimum so that every individual taking part gets time with the trainers.  We also want people to have the mindset that fitness can be fun and social.  We are constantly organizing group activities that you can choose to be apart of such as Hiking, Water Rafting, Tough Mudder, Hell & Back and of course the occasional social event.  We want you to be a part of something more than just a boot camp, class or gym but a part of the BGR Fitness Movement.